The Danger of Innovation

29 09 2008

Met with Eileen, our Managing Director, today. I was sharing a response I got from a CEO in the workshop last Friday for Vistage. He said our Beliefs model (he heard me present a couple years ago) transformed his company. Then he went on about how he applied it to take accountability to new levels. Then it hit me! OMG, a “Bart Simpson” moment! Why don’t we do that!!!

Of course we know that. And to be fair we’re doing a lot. A whole lot, and with a lean and mean team. The deeper issue is we got off course. Not from the lack of good ideas, but because we have too many! We innovate ourselves out of execution. We have so many ideas that we get stretched and execution time suffers.

OK, not we. Me. I’m the problem. I come in and they say it’s like having a “tornado inside a hurricane”! They’re right. I’m a research geek. I love to learn. I feed on ideas. I crave creativity (the destuction of orderly thinking). And this can bring a company to it’s knees if not throttled.

Do you have an unbridled geek in your company? Better have a plan. What are we doing about it… I mean, me? Meeting schedule when I’m back of tour next week — how to separate the lab (research, book publishing, media promotion, market branding, etc.) from operations ( training program development, consulting delivery, sales, client management, field staffing, etc.). This should work, or maybe I’ll have another idea . . .




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