OOPS! America’s Management Failure Exposed. Mintzberg Pulls Back the Curtain.

15 02 2010

While teaching at Johns Hopkins MBA program I promoted Mintzberg’s work to my students often. Can his views now breakthrough our arrogance permafrost before it’s too late. The old saying “the truth shall set you free but first it will piss you off” applies. http://vmhn.org/home/index.php?/Future-Studies-Collection/americas-monumental-failure-of-management.html

While the head of Toyota apologizes humbly in public forums, many in the US wonder how many finance exec have apologized for the global financial collapse? Or how many politicians have apologized for neglecting oversight responsibilities, or ignoring the warnings of the few for bad policies? How many CEOs have apologized for bonusing those who were part of the problem?

I did a quick review. Zero.

We published “arrogance” in High Altitude Leadership because this is a common danger. So is denial.

And if Mintzberg is right, then what happens when a few in control continue to make selfish, greedy decisions at the suffering expense of the masses? Revolution. I even remember a few guys starting a country because of it.





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