Audiences find Don Schmincke’s irreverent humor and unconventional methods a refreshing change from other speakers, and leave with the most remarkable and entertaining insights ever experienced on stage. Schmincke’s revolutionary scientific research established him as a consultant renegade and top speaker for the world’s largest CEO member organization.

This is no accident. Schmincke began his career as a scientist and engineer. After graduating from MIT and Johns Hopkins University he became fascinated with how people perform in groups, and even more intrigued by the high failure rate of popular management theories. With more than two decades of research using anthropology, evolutionary genetics and studies of human performance in extreme environments, he discovered that most management theories fail due to biological factors. He admits, “my work is politically incorrect, but scientifically accurate.” Audiences love it.

Schmincke is the author of the bestselling books The Code Of The Executive and High Altitude Leadership (with NBC Emmy-nominated climber Chris Warner). He’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Industry Week, USA Today, and over 60 industry publications annually; appearing on CNN and with G. Gordon Liddy in addition to hundreds of other radio and television programs worldwide. In 1990, he founded The SAGA Leadership Institute to offer corporate training programs and help CEOs accelerate business performance in the areas of strategy, leadership, sales, and cultural alignment.

Today, Schmincke flies 200,000 miles annually keynote speaking at conferences, training CEOs in his workshops, and working with clients in every industry from the Department of Defense (once being shot off an aircraft carrier – he’s still recovering) to large and small corporations across every industry including the healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, information, communications, finance, and insurance sectors. Occasionally he can be found at universities inflicting his unconventional techniques on innocent graduate students.


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29 01 2009
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[…] Thank you again for listening to the StrategyDriven Podcast ! Don Schmincke, co-author of High Altitude Leadership, is the founder of the SAGA Leadership Institute, an organization that helps CEOs achieve outstanding results in strategy, leadership, sales, and cultural alignment. From CNN to the Wall Street Journal, his use of anthropology and evolutionary genetics to remedy the high failure rates of management theories has established him as a consultant renegade and leading global authority. To read Don’s full biography, click here. […]

7 01 2010
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10 04 2011
Jane Satterfield

Hi Don,

Just wanted to let you know I gave your name to UM’s PT Program director. She needs someone to facilitate a faculty meeting to build a new strategic plan for the PT school. Have no idea if she will call you. But I was looking for your email address and phone number and didn’t have it. Nor could I find it easily on any of your many web sites??? So here is her email address: maryrogers@som.umaryland.edu. She is a very nice and bright lady.

Hope all goes well with you and yours. Happy Easter to all!

Good luck , Jane

Hope this gets to you!!!!!!!!

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