When Speed Exceeds Order

24 12 2008

Our holiday part was last night. I threatened to clean by office over the holidays. Bonnie, one of our staff on the marketing team, looks over and says, “I’ve never seen you desk.” She’s been with us for almost a year. I thought: OMG, what could be lurking there? Read the rest of this entry »


The Danger of Innovation

29 09 2008

Met with Eileen, our Managing Director, today. I was sharing a response I got from a CEO in the workshop last Friday for Vistage. He said our Beliefs model (he heard me present a couple years ago) transformed his company. Then he went on about how he applied it to take accountability to new levels. Then it hit me! OMG, a “Bart Simpson” moment! Why don’t we do that!!! Read the rest of this entry »