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22 02 2009
Abe WalkingBear Sanchez

Don Schmincke,
It has been awhile and I still think of you as a young guy, and that’s not to say you are old.
I still remeber a conversation we had late one night on a flight to Denver I think.
How are you, and how’s the world treating you?
That remind me of a line from a Bob Wills song, “How’s the world been treating you son , have you made your fortune yet? The world hasn’t been treating me I pay for all I get.
Mitakuye Oyasin,(we are all related)

1 09 2010

So cool but I found your comment from over a year ago stuck in my WP account – bad me! But thought what a delightful opportunity to reach back. All is well in the struggle for humanity. Still learning everyday. Hope your life is great!!! We must create a miracle to see each other soon.

1 04 2011
Kate Austin

Understand you have a great board game for leadership exercise. pls send info

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